Right Wheel • Right Fit • Right Price

We all grew up striving to get good grades in the three R’s of Reading, Writing and aRithmetic. Today your car can get great grades. Whether you are driving it daily, taking it to shows, or prepping it to sell, the right wheels make a huge difference in your enjoyment and investment.

Wheelsmith prides itself with its personal attention to the customer. When others grow to create a “call center” of dimwits who don’t know a lug nut from a lug wrench, and simply take your order to deliver their off-shore built out-of-round wheels, Wheelsmith makes your set of wheels TO ORDER, in AMERICA with care that only auto-enthusiast CRAFTSMEN can bring.

Head Honcho at Wheelsmith; Bob Sage said it best: “There are a lot of factors at play when you are choosing the right wheel for your car: Backspace, proper fitment in the wheel well, ability to turn, ability to handle new brake systems, tire size, etc.. For decades we have watched the industry change and have adapted our tried-and-true method of personalization so you get the Right wheel, with the Right fit, at the Right price.”

One call to Bob, Chris or Rex and you will find a person passionate to learn about your car, what you plan to do with it, and how they can create a set of wheels just right for your ride. They will help you pick the RIGHT Wheel, with the RIGHT Fit and at the RIGHT Price.

Give them a call today and learn more about how your wheels can fit and look just right at 866-210-9905.