When you are looking for classic Cadillac Wire Wheels, look no further than Wheelsmith.

Nothing screams CLASS more than wire wheels. Wheelsmith’s Cadillac Wire Wheels are the perfect edition to elevate your ride to pure class. When rolling, the wheels just bling like nothing else. That sparkle is an announcement that someone important is about to arrive.

At Wheelsmith we make 48 and 56 series wheels in both triple plated chrome and polished stainless steel. The wheels come ready made in standard sizes for 1941-56 Cadillacs in 15×6 inches with a 3.5 inch backspace, and 3 inch backspace for 1957 and up varieties.

Wheelsmith also makes special sizes from 16-18″ too. Simply call us and we can get you rolling heavy in not time – 800-854-8973.

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