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Bob Sage with Son Chris Sage of WheelsmithWheelsmith was founded on the basis of the need for a special fit of wheels for the automotive enthusiast. Bob Sage started Wheelsmith with over 50 years of custom wheel manufacturing experience and the building of his own hot rods. It was his desire to cater to the hot rod and classic car industry. The Wheelsmith’s main goal is to provide wheels that are built for every individual car specification.

Shortly after Bob started Wheelsmith, he was joined by his son, Chris Sage. Chris has many years of manufacturing experience and helps to oversee the production. That gave Bob the time needed to market the company, tend to his customers, and add new products. Chris has since gone on to open his own business. Rex was promoted to General Manager and they brought on Terry Quintana to help with business development.

Over the years, Wheelsmith has provided these services to many of todays top car builders, salt-flat racers, automotive restorers and the homebuilt rods that make the hot rod experience what it is today. Wheelsmith continues to grow and add new products to their line of nostalgia wheels to help their customer achieve the right look for that dream car or new project.